Patrick Li - JIRA 4 Essentials [2011, PDF, ENG] 

JIRA 4 Essentials
Год: 2011
Автор: Patrick Li
Жанр: Step by Step tutorial
Издательство: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-849681-72-8
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Количество страниц: 349
Описание: This book will introduce you to Atlassian JIRA, the world’s most popular issue tracking software. JIRA provides issue tracking and project tracking for software development teams to improve code quality and the speed of development.
This book will show you how to plan and design your own JIRA implementation. You will learn how to customize JIRA to adapt it to your organization and add value to your business. Chapters are structured to guide you through all the key aspects of JIRA with a practical implementation. By the end of the book, you will have built a working JIRA implementation.
You will start by setting up your own JIRA and be introduced to all the key features in subsequent chapters. With each chapter, you will learn important concepts such as business processes and workflows, e-mails and notifications, and you will have the opportunity to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice by following a live sample JIRA implementation.
Packed with real-life example and step-by-step instructions, this book will help you become a JIRA expert.
An in-depth guide to all the essential aspects of Atlassian JIRA
What you will learn from this book :
* Determine and choose the best options to set up JIRA to suit your requirements and constraints
* Understand key concepts to use JIRA more effectively
* Adapt JIRA to your organization and make it part of your everyday business process
* Customize JIRA’s data capture and presentation layout to provide a better user experience
* Secure JIRA to protect your data
* Add value to your data through powerful data query and information retrieval
* Capture data and display it to users by using different types of fields in JIRA

Примеры страниц


•Chapter 1: Getting started with JIRA
>>JIRA architecture
->High-level architecture
->Application services
->Data storage
->JIRA installation directory
->JIRA home directory
>>Installation options
->Standalone and WAR-EAR distributions
->Operating systems
->Application Servers
>>Installing JIRA
->Installing Java
->Installing MySQL
->Configuring MySQL
->Installing JIRA
->Configuring JIRA application properties
->Configuring JIRA application settings (optional)
->Configuring HTTPS
->Installing database drivers (optional)
->Configuring the database connection manual
->Configuring the database connection (GUI)
->Configuring JIRA as a Windows service
>>Starting JIRA
•Chapter 2: Project Management
>>JIRA hierarchy
->Project category
>>JIRA projects
->Project browser
->Summary tab
->Issues tab
->Road Map tab
->Change Log tab
->Versions/Components tabs
->Source/Reviews tabs
>>Project management
->Creating projects
->Editing projects
->Deleting projects
>>Project administration
->Creating components
->Editing components
->Deleting components
->Selecting the default assignee
->Creating versions
->Editing versions
->Deleting versions
>>Project configurations
->Issue types
->Creating issue types
->Editing issue types
->Deleting issue types
->Creating priorities
->Editing priorities
->Deleting priorities
->Arranging priorities
->Creating resolutions
->Editing resolutions
->Deleting resolutions
->Arranging resolutions
->Issue type scheme
->Notification scheme
->Permission scheme
->Issue security scheme
->Field configuration scheme
->Screen scheme
->Issue type screen scheme
->Workflow scheme
>>Help Desk project
->Creating a new project category
->Creating a new project
->Creating new priorities
->Creating new resolutions
->Creating issue types
->Creating an issue type scheme
->Creating new components
->Creating new versions
->See it in action
•Chapter 3: Issue Management
>>What an issue looks like
->Creating an issue
->Editing an issue
->Deleting an issue
>>Moving an issue between projects
>>Casting vote on an issue
>>Receiving notifications about issues
>>Re-assigning issues to others
>>Issues and comments
->Adding comments
->Managing your comments
->Creating a Permalink
->Enabling attachments in JIRA
->Attaching files
->Attaching screenshots
->Enabling sub-tasks
->Creating sub-tasks
>>Issue linking
->Enabling issue linking
->Creating link types
->Linking issues
>>Issue cloning
->Cloning an existing issue
>>Time tracking
->Enabling time tracking
->Specifying original estimates
->Logging work
>>Help Desk Project
->Configuring sub-tasks
->Configuring time tracking
->Enabling issue linking
->Putting it together
•Chapter 4: Field Management
>>Built-in fields
>>Custom fields
->Custom field types
->Simple fields
->JIRA specialized fields
->Multi fields
->Custom field context
->Managing custom fields
->Adding a custom field
->Editing/Deleting a custom field
->Configuring a custom field
->Adding custom field contexts
->Configuring select options
->Setting default values
>>Field configuration
->Adding a field configuration
->Editing/Deleting a field configuration
->Copying a field configuration
->Managing field configurations
->Field description
->Field requirement
->Field visibility
->Field rendering
>>Field configuration scheme
->Managing field configuration schemes
->Adding a field configuration scheme
->Editing/Deleting a field configuration scheme
->Copying a field configuration scheme
->Configuring a field configuration scheme
->Associating a field configuration scheme with a project
>>Help Desk Project
->Setting custom fields
->Setting field configuration
->Setting a field configuration scheme
->Putting it all together
•Chapter 5: Screen Management
->Adding a screen
->Editing/Deleting a screen
->Copying a screen
->Configuring a screen
->Adding a field to a screen
->Deleting a field from screen
->Reordering fields on screen
->Screen tabs
->Adding a tab
->Editing/Deleting a tab
->Reordering tabs
>>Screen schemes
->Adding a screen scheme
->Editing/Deleting a screen scheme
->Copying a screen scheme
->Configuring a screen scheme
->Adding an association
->Editing/Deleting an association
>>Issue type screen scheme
->Adding an issue type screen scheme
->Editing/Deleting an issue type screen scheme
->Coping an issue type screen scheme
->Configuring an issue type screen scheme
->Adding an association
->Editing/Deleting an association
->Activating an issue type screen scheme
>>Help Desk Project
->Setting screens
->Setting screen schemes
->Setting issue type screen schemes
->Putting it all together
•Chapter 6: Workflow and Business Process
>>Mapping business processes
>>Managing workflows
->Creating a workflow
->Editing a workflow
->Deleting a workflow
->Copying a workflow
->Importing and exporting a workflow
->Configuring a workflow
->Configuring and publishing a draft
->Steps and issue statuses
->Adding a step to a workflow
->Editing a step
->Deleting a step
->Adding a transition between steps
->Editing a transition
->Deleting a transition
->Configuring a transition
->Adding a condition to transition
->Adding a validator to transition
->Post functions
->Adding a post function to transition
>>Workflow schemes
->Creating a workflow scheme
->Configuring a workflow scheme
->Assigning a workflow to issue type
->Editing/Deleting an association
->Editing a workflow scheme
->Deleting a workflow scheme
->Copying a workflow scheme
->Activating a workflow scheme
>>Help Desk Project
->Setting issue status
->Setting the workflow
->Setting a workflow scheme
->Putting it all together
•Chapter 7: E-mail and Notification
>>JIRA and E-mail
>>Mail servers
->Adding an SMTP mail server
->Enabling SMTP over SSL
->Sending a test e-mail
>>Mail queue
->Viewing the mail queue
->Flushing the mail queue
->Adding a mail template
->Adding a custom event
->Firing a custom event
>>Notification schemes
->Adding a notification scheme
->Editing a notification scheme
->Deleting a notification scheme
->Copying a notification Scheme
->Managing a notification scheme
->Adding a notification
->Deleting a notification
->Assigning a notification scheme
>>Receiving E-mails
->Adding a POP/IMAP mail server
->Mail handlers
->Creating an issue handler
->Create or comment handler
->Full Comment Handler
->Non-quoted comment handler
->Regex comment handler
->Adding a mail handler
->Editing and deleting a mail handler
>>Help Desk Project
->Setting mail servers
->Setting custom events
->Setting a notification scheme
->Setting notifications
->Putting it together
•Chapter 8: Securing your JIRA
->User Browser
->Adding a user
->Enabling public sign
->Enabling CAPTCHA
->Gro Browser
->Adding a gro
->Editing gro membership
->Deleting a gro
>>Project roles
->Project role browser
->Adding a project role type
->Editing a project role
->Deleting a project role
->Managing default members
->Assigning project role members
>>JIRA permission hierarchy
>>Global Permissions
->JIRA System Administrator versus JIRA Administrator
->Configuring Global Permissions
->Granting global permission
->Revoking global permission
>>Project permissions
>>Permission scheme
->Adding a permission scheme
->Editing a permission scheme
->Deleting a permission scheme
->Copying a permission scheme
->Configuring a permission scheme
->Granting a permission
->Revoking a permission
->Applying a permission scheme
>>Issue security
>>Issue security scheme
->Adding an issue security scheme
->Configuring an issue security scheme
->Adding a security level
->Assigning users to a security level
->Setting a default security level
->Deleting a security level
->Applying an issue security scheme
>>Workflow security
>>Help Desk Project
->Setting gros
->Setting user gro association
->Setting a permission scheme
->Setting permissions
->Putting it together
•Chapter 9: Searching, Reporting, and Analysis
>>Search interface and options
->Issue Navigator
->Customizing issue navigator
->Simple search
->Advanced search (JQL)
->Quick search
->Exporting search results
->Creating a filter
->Managing filters
->Editing and sharing a filter
->Subscribing to a filter
->Deleting a filter
->Creating a report
->Managing dashboards
->Creating a dashboard
->Editing and sharing a dashboard
->Deleting a dashboard
->Configuring a dashboard
->Setting a layout for a dashboard
->Adding a gadget
->Moving a gadget
->Editing a gadget
->Deleting a gadget
>>Help Desk Project
->Setting filters
->Setting dashboards
->Setting gadgets
->Putting it together
•Chapter 10: General Administration
>>Look and feel
->Gadget colors
->Date/Time format
>>General configurations
->Setting the default language
->Setting the user language
>>Announcement banner
>>Backing and restoring
->Create an XML back
->Restoring from an XML back
>>Search indexing
->Adding a service
->Editing a service
->Deleting a service
->Atlassian plugins type version
->Plugin Exchange
->Installing a plugin
->Configuring a plugin
->Enabling/Disabling a plugin
->grading a plugin
->Uninstalling a plugin
>>Help Desk Project
->Installing the plugin
->Configuring the plugin
->Setting the service
Доп. информация: Who this book is written for:
1. If you want to get started with JIRA, then this is the perfect book for you.
2. You will need to be familiar with basic computer knowledge for your or your organization’s standard operating environment and to have experience with software project management.
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