Jen Stirrup / Джен Стиррап - Tableau: Creating Interactive Data Visualizations / Табло: Создание интерактивных визуализаций данных [2016, PDF, ENG] 

Tableau: Creating Interactive Data Visualizations / Табло: Создание интерактивных визуализаций данных
Год издания: 2016
Автор: Jen Stirrup / Джен Стиррап
Жанр или тематика: data visualization
Издательство: Packt
ISBN: 978-1-78712-419-6
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Издательский макет или текст (eBook)
Количество страниц: 654
Описание: Великолепный обзор по визуализации в Табло данных различной сложности для начинающих.
About This Book
Use data visualization principles to help you to design dashboards that enlighten and support business decisions
Integrate your data to provide mashed-up dashboards
Connect to various data sources and understand what data is appropriate for Tableau Public
Understand chart types and when to use specific chart types with different types of data
Who This Book Is For
Data scientists who have just started using Tableau and want to build on the skills using practical examples. Familiarity with previous versions of Tableau will be helpful, but not necessary.
What You Will Learn
Customize your designs to meet the needs of your business using Tableau
Use Tableau to prototype, develop, and deploy the final dashboard
Create filled maps and use any shape file
Discover features of Tableau Public, from basic to advanced
Build geographic maps to bring context to data
Create filters and actions to allow greater interactivity to Tableau Public visualizations and dashboards
Publish and embed Tableau visualizations and dashboards in articles
In Detail
With increasing interest for data visualization in the media, businesses are looking to create effective dashboards that engage as well as communicate the truth of data. Tableau makes data accessible to everyone, and is a great way of sharing enterprise dashboards across the business. Tableau is a revolutionary toolkit that lets you simply and effectively create high-quality data visualizations.
This course starts with making you familiar with its features and enable you to develop and enhance your dashboard skills, starting with an overview of what dashboard is, followed by how you can collect data using various mathematical formulas. Next, you'll learn to filter and group data, as well as how to use various functions to present the data in an appealing and accurate way.
In the first module, you will learn how to use the key advanced string functions to play with data and images. You will be walked through the various features of Tableau including dual axes, scatterplot matrices, heat maps, and sizing.In the second module, you'll start with getting your data into Tableau, move onto generating progressively complex graphics, and end with the finishing touches and packaging your work for distribution. This module is filled with practical examples to help you create filled maps, use custom markers, add slider selectors, and create dashboards. You will learn how to manipulate data in various ways by applying various filters, logic, and calculating various aggregate measures. Finally, in the third module, you learn about Tableau Public using which allows readers to explore data associations in multiple-sourced public data, and uses state-of-the-art dashboard and chart graphics to immerse the users in an interactive experience. In this module, the readers can quickly gain confidence in understanding and expanding their visualization, creation knowledge, and quickly create interesting, interactive data visualizations to bring a richness and vibrancy to complex articles.
The course provides a great overview for beginner to intermediate Tableau users, and covers the creation of data visualizations of varying complexities.
Style and approach
The approach will be a combined perspective, wherein we start by performing some basic recipes and move on to some advanced ones. Finally, we perform some advanced analytics and create appealing and insightful data stories using Tableau Public in a step-by-step manner.

Примеры страниц


Module 1: Tableau Dashboard
Chapter 1: A Short Dash to Dashboarding! 3
Introduction 3
Preparing for your first dashboard 4
Showing the power of data visualization 11
Connecting to data sources 22
Introducing the Tableau interface 30
Interacting with your first data visualization 36
Sharing your visualization with the world 45
Chapter 2: Summarizing Your Data for Dashboards 51
Introduction 51
Arithmetic – the queen of mathematics! 52
Dashboards and dates 61
Grouping your data with calculations 65
Correlation with calculations 76
Using cross-tabs flexibly 82
Simplifying your business rules with custom calculations 87ii
Table of Contents
Chapter 3: Interacting with Data for Dashboards 95
Introduction 95
Fun with filters – grouping your data with clarity 96
Hierarchies for revealing the dashboard message 109
Classifying your data for dashboards 114
Actions and interactions 120
Drilling into the details 124
Working with input controls 134
Chapter 4: Using Dashboards to Get Results 141
Introduction 141
Enriching data with mashups 142
Page trails 149
Guided analytics with Tableau 156
Sharing your results in a meeting 169
Notes and annotations 174
Using external data to enrich your dashboard 177
Chapter 5: Putting the Dash into Dashboards 181
Introduction 181
Choosing your visualization 182
Using parameters in dashboards 193
Using custom geocoding in Tableau 203
Profiting from Big Data to rev your visualization 208
Filtering your data for focus 215
Creating choices in dashboards using conditional logic 222
Chapter 6: Making Dashboards Relevant 229
Introduction 229
Adding an infographic to your Tableau dashboard 231
String manipulation in dashboards 238
Correcting data exports from Tableau to Excel 241
Blending data 244
Optimizing tips for efficient, fast visualization 247
Chapter 7: Visual Best Practices 259
Introduction 259
Coloring your numbers 260
Dueling with dual axes 265
Where is the three-dimensional data? 273
Eating humble pie – Pie charts or not? 277
Sizing to make a data story 281iii
Table of Contents
Module 2: Data Visualization with Tableau
Chapter 1: Connecting to Data Sources 287
Introduction 287
Connecting to text files 288
Connecting to Excel files 291
Connecting to Access databases 293
Connecting to a SQL Server 294
Pasting from a clipboard 295
Connecting to other databases 298
Connecting to Windows Azure Marketplace 300
Understanding dimensions and measures 302
Changing data types 302
Applying filters 304
Merging multiple data sources 308
Chapter 2: Creating Univariate Charts 311
Introduction 311
Creating tables 312
Creating bar graphs 313
Creating pie charts 314
Sorting the graphs 316
Creating histograms 317
Creating line charts 318
Using the Show Me toolbar 320
Creating stacked bar graphs 321
Creating box plots 323
Showing aggregate measures 326
Showing the top 10 items 328
Chapter 3: Creating Bivariate Charts 331
Introduction 331
Creating tables 332
Creating scatter plots 333
Swapping rows and columns 335
Adding trend lines 335
Selecting color palettes 338
Using dates 340iv
Table of Contents
Chapter 4: Creating Multivariate Charts 343
Introduction 343
Creating facets 344
Creating area charts 345
Creating bullet graphs 346
Creating dual axes charts 348
Creating Gantt charts 349
Creating heat maps 351
Chapter 5: Creating Maps 353
Introduction 353
Setting geographic roles 353
Placing marks on a map 355
Overlaying demographic data 356
Creating choropleth maps 359
Using polygon shapes 361
Customizing maps 366
Chapter 6: Calculating User-defined Fields 369
Introduction 369
Using predefined functions 370
Calculating percentages 372
Applying the If-Then logic 373
Applying logical functions 374
Showing totals 375
Showing the percentage of totals 376
Discretizing data 379
Manipulating text 381
Aggregating data 383
Chapter 7: Customizing and Saving 385
Introduction 385
Adding title and caption 386
Modifying font sizes and colors 387
Applying various marks 388
Adding colors 391
Adding labels 393
Changing marks sizes 394
Adding reference lines 395
Printing to PDF 397
Saving packaged workbooks 398
Creating a workbook data extract 399v
Table of Contents
Chapter 8: Exporting and Sharing 403
Introduction 403
Saving a workbook on a Tableau server 403
Saving a workbook on the Web 404
Exporting images 406
Exporting data 407
Chapter 9: Exploring Advanced Features 409
Introduction 409
Viewing data 410
Changing the mark size 412
Using the presentation mode 414
Adding annotations 416
Excluding data on the fly 419
Customizing mark shapes 421
Adding drop-down selectors 423
Adding search box selectors 425
Adding slider selectors 427
Creating dashboards 428
Creating animated visualizations 430
Creating parameters 431
Module 3: Creating Data Stories with Tableau Public
Chapter 1: Getting Started with Tableau Public 437
A Tableau Public overview 438
Telling your story with Tableau Public 440
Installing Tableau Public 442
Opening files and creating your profile 446
Discover 449
Exploring the visualizations of other authors 450
Summary 451
Chapter 2: Tableau Public Interface Features 453
Touring the Tableau Public user interface 454
Using the Marks card 465
The Show Me tool 469
Summary 471vi
Table of Contents
Chapter 3: Connecting to Data 473
Public data 473
Tables and databases 474
The data sources that Tableau Public connects to 475
The databases, tables, dimensions, facts, field formats and conventions 476
Connecting to the data in Tableau Public 478
Summary 488
Chapter 4: Visualization – Tips and Types 489
An overview of the development lifecycle 490
Ten visualization tips 491
The perception of visual clues 492
Using the Show Me tool to create charts 494
Answering questions using Show Me chart types 495
Types of visualization 500
Summary 516
Chapter 5: Calculations 517
Creating calculated fields 518
Types of calculations 520
The number functions 521
The date functions 522
Type conversions 524
The string functions 525
The aggregate functions 528
The logic functions 531
Blending data sources 536
Summary 541
Chapter 6: Level of Detail and Table Calculations 543
About data sources 544
Creating quick table calculations 544
Changing over time 545
Compute using 548
Manually editing table calculations 552
Ranking 555
Window versus running functions 557
The level of detail calculations 559
Summary 563Table of Contents
Chapter 7: Dashboard Design and Styling 565
The dashboard design process 566
Best practices for dashboard design 567
Creating a dashboard 569
The dashboard tab interface 570
Setting the size of dashboard elements 575
Summary 582
Chapter 8: Filters and Actions 583
Adding and using Filters 583
Filtering across Data sources with parameters 592
Actions 603
URL actions 609
Summary 613
Chapter 9: Publishing Your Work 615
Saving your work and logging in to Tableau Public 615
Opening work from the Cloud 617
Managing your profile 618
Viewing your work online 620
Managing workbook details 623
Summary 624
Bibliography 625
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